The New System To Launch An Online Business

Launch An Online Business Now

Here’s the course content:

Part 1: Introduction

A short description of the new system where you can build your online business totally for free.

Part 2: Launch your high ticket offer and make your first sales

Learn how to choose your niche, create your offer and start selling in a few days.

Part 3: Grow your business (Build your audience and your team, create your sales funnels)

Learn how to build your business’s foundation, an email list, and a free squeeze page with our invitation link.

Part 4: Scale your business (FB Ads, affiliate program)

Learn how to use affiliates to scale your online business. Use the power of affiliates to sell your product in a few clicks with affiliate software that is included for free.

How to scale your business with FB ads

This webinar module will teach you the components of a successful campaign. You will learn how to build the right offer, the sales process, the correct targeting, and the optimized message that needs to include: the hook, story, solution, and call to action.

The course is 1 hour and 30 minutes, presented in video format

Plus, you’ll receive a set of actionable resources that you can use to kickstart your online business:

  • The exact sales script that I have personally used to make a $20,000 sale (used it daily to make sales ranging from $100 to $6,000)
  • A Facebook Ads Masterclass hosted by a marketer who uses FB Ads to generate $50,000 per month

Right after your purchase, you’ll be granted access to a membership site

Should you not be 100% satisfied with your purchase, please send us an email within three days to receive a full refund.

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The New System To Launch An Online Business

Enroll Today and Get These Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: Access to Second Course – Copy-Rocket Your Sales Copy (10 Video Modules)
  • Bonus 2: FREE Access to a Marketing Platform to Build Your Funnels & Email List
  • Bonus 3: Affiliate Marketing Emails Templates to Help You Build Your Autoresponder (200+days)
  • Bonus 4: Bamf Bible (pdf) – 30+ Case Studies of The Best Growth Hacks for Your Online Business
  • Bonus 5: The Butterfly Marketing Strategy (pdf) – How to Achieve a Viral Marketing
  • Bonus 6: Email Marketing Newbie to Professional (pdf)

Copy-Rocket Your Sales Copy Bonus Course Content:

  • Lecture 1: The #1 Way To Make More Money
  • Lecture 2: How to Write Captivating, Cash-Pulling Headlines
  • Lecture 3: Crafting Compelling Sales Letter Openers
  • Lecture 4: How to Create Irresistible Benefit Statements
  • Lecture 5: Sales-Record Shattering CTAs
  • Lecture 6: How to Write a Slick Risk-Reversal
  • Lecture 7: Pssst… They Think You’re Lying
  • Lecture 8: The Conversion-Boosting Power of a P.S.
  • Lecture 9: Good Things Come In Small Packages?
  • Lecture 10: Video Killed the Sales Letter Star?

The New System To Launch An Online Business course will teach you:

  • how to launch your first premium offer in a few days,
  • how to build your audience and your team (today, he has 70 people working for him, all remotely)
  • how to scale your business using FB ads.

It would cost you about $1,000 for one hour of coaching

The course is about 1.5hrs long

The original price is $497 For a limited time.

You can save hundreds of dollars on the regular price:

Enroll Today and Get These Bonuses

For only $7, you can get your hands on the system that allows me to earn $2000 per month by working 1 hour a day! Note: This course is in partnership with

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