Affiliate Marketing Guide – Google Keyword Research

There is a new way of promoting ClickBank products by using Google AdWords. Google AdWords has been around for quite a while now, and people seem to love this product. It can get very confusing because you need to use the keywords the same way your competition does. You could be getting a lot more traffic but cost more in the end by using cheap keyword ideas.

Affiliate Marketing Guide - Google Keyword Research


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I love using Google AdWords because you have so much control, and the idea of writing an article that has 1,000 tags is quite daunting. But if you do your research and use the best keywords, you could be getting very targeted traffic without using the most expensive keywords.

Google AdWords is a great tool and something you should always check out. If you’re looking for cheap ideas, you could do worse than go to Google and type in a few popular keywords. For example, men’s sportswear.

Write an 800-word article on that subject and submit it to 5 top article directories. Go to Google AdWords and check out the products they have to offer. Check out the conversion rates and find one that looks right. 

Once you have decided on a product, you could then type in the keywords of your choice. I recommend only going up to the keyword level 5 or 6. You could find yourself bidding on less popular keywords!

Affiliate Marketing Guide - Google Keyword Research

In conclusion:

Use less competitive keywords. More competitive keywords may lose you money. Use the keywords “in volume” – just once. 

When you are going more than once, you may find it harder to get a high enough ranking to make a sale. Use a combination of the two. Work up to using cheap keyword ideas. Use a variety of using popular keywords and using less popular keywords. Be careful with the “in volume” keyword, as it may end up costing you more.

Remember to use the keyword once and use it a combination of times. Don’t use it just once – use it multiple times. 

This is a great way to ensure you are making sales because you’re going to get a decent ranking, and if you have used the keyword once, you may end up paying less for that keyword!

Affiliate Marketing Guide - Google Keyword Research

Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Income With These Two Free Ideas

What Google is going to do is pull up results from all the blogs on that keyword. Some of them might be sponsored, but the rest are fresh new ideas you can implement.

I like doing this because you have a fresh new idea for the day and something you have control over. With cheap ideas, this could be a lot more than just one keyword. 

Set Your Budget

You can set your budget to know how much is allowed for that keyword and then have a set amount of time to find the best one. When the best one isn’t good, then you can change it for another one. 

This can get a little costly, but what you’re doing is setting up a funnel for your money. Once you get a few keywords that are performing well, you can invest some of that money back into other areas.

One idea I’ve seen out there that you should definitely consider is creating a blog on AdWords. If you were to go to Google and type in some popular keywords, you would get a whole bunch of blogs. 

You can go to each of them and ask for some content, and then you can do some article marketing to promote your blog. 

Write Blog Posts

You could do a couple of blog posts a week for less than $5 a pop, and if you write a couple of quality articles per week, you’re looking at a few hundred dollars per month. This is something you should check out.

Another idea that is getting many buzzes right now is using video marketing to promote your blogs. This is a little bit more complicated. For this to work, you need to get your website, and you need to promote your website with Google’s PPC campaign. 

Once you do that, you would have your video on Youtube. You need to promote your website in other ways, but this can add up if you get up to about three videos a week. 

Another idea is using Twitter to promote your website. This would be a little bit harder. You need to get your own Twitter account. You tweet something interesting about your website. There are already some great templates that you can put your website on. You can even do a quick blog post and tweet something. 

Another option is Google AdWords. You need to have your website and your ads. Again, you tweet something exciting, and it will get picked up by Google search engines, and then you can use AdWords to sell your website. 

You need to get 20 clicks or more before it will send you an email to follow up with a “buy now” URL. There are other ways to promote your website and things like YouTube, Squidoo, hub pages, and articles. These options are still excellent and helpful, and you should always explore new possibilities.

What is the AdWords keyword tool?

This fantastic tool allows you to check your search engine listings for search phrases related to your website content. The best part about this is that it also shows you the total search volume for each word. This can be a lifesaver when doing niche research and determining what phrases to target and concentrate on for your website content.

Which is the best tool to find keywords for Google ads?

To find good keywords for your ads, you must determine your target audience and find the topics they are interested in. If you wish to promote a product of interest to many people, you should look for words that they don’t interest in but may have an interest in. You can find these words by checking out popular searches and typing them into the Google keyword tool.

How do I find the best keywords?

First, you have to have the information. The first step in finding keywords is to know what you are looking for. Information on keywords can be obtained by a search engine, a keyword research tool, a program, or by attending events, seminars, or Webinars. Once you have the keyword ideas, next is to find keywords in the idea that will work well for your product or your website. The next step is actually to find the keywords.

How do I check the traffic for keywords?

One of the toughest parts for a beginner is choosing the right keywords for their website. This is where a lot of beginners fail. In fact, most of them believe that they have to choose keywords just as they do to pick an outfit for their kids. Choose your keywords carefully and select the most profitable keywords for your site. A selection of keywords that you already understand will make for easier marketing.

How do I find related keywords?

One of the challenges of internet marketing is that it’s a constantly changing environment, and therefore, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is even more critical. What you are doing is looking for keywords that have a higher search count than your page. A search count is how many times the search term appears on search engines. 

So, for example, you write a page about exercise, and you optimistically place some pictures of your gym membership on your page, the search engines will see that and rank you highly, and this is because you’ve managed to create value and provided searchers with valuable information they wanted.

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