LiveGood Review – Affiliate Program

What is Livegood MLM?

Livegood is a health and wellness company offering various health supplements to help people achieve their best life and live well.

Their products, from CBD oil and Multi-vitamin to Super Reds, are designed to enhance overall health and well-being.

LiveGood Review - Why To Join an MLM Company?

The company also has an affiliate program, where you can earn money by promoting Livegood products through social media and other channels. Also, you can only promote the affiliate program, which means you never need to buy or sell any nutritional supplement or become a distributor.

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So why wait? Start exploring the world of LiveGood now and take advantage of all the resources and benefits available to you.

Livegood is a product MLM company that operates in two ways. First, you can buy the products as a member or at retail price. The second is as an affiliate marketer, where you promote the affiliate program to your prospects. 

In this LiveGood review, we will talk about the affiliate marketing program of the Livegood company.

Is Livegood a Scam or a Pyramid Scheme?

From the start, I will tell you that the LiveGood affiliate program is not a scam or pyramid scheme and is not having a minimal target of sales or leads to bringing into the system. 

It is just a genuine MLM clean affiliate program. There are so many MLM companies in the marketing universe, and I bet you have registered with a few and have not worked. (It’s too late to register.)

Let me tell you a secret. In any network marketing program, you need to be at the beginning to be at the top of the chain and have plenty of people under you to make money. LiveGood is new, and hundreds of people are registering every day.

The people who upgraded last week get some new people under them, and if they upgrade, they make money just by upgrading the previous week. I hope this makes sense. I will explain later how this works.

LiveGood Affiliate Program  – Compensation Plan

LiveGood is an online platform that offers a unique opportunity for individuals to earn commissions through its affiliate compensation plan.

By becoming a LiveGood affiliate, you can market and sell a wide range of LiveGood products at member/retail prices or promote the affiliate program. You do not need to sell products; build your team of affiliates.

To participate, you need to pay a one-time affiliate fee of $40 to join LiveGood and a membership fee of $ 9.95 a month or $99.95 yearly, but you can take a free tour to see how everything works, and there is no cost.

Front-End Price:$40
Official Website:Click here for a Free Tour
Refund:7 Days
Niche:Multi-level Marketing
Bonuses:Bonuses Included For Members
Recommended:Highly Recommended
Earn Commissions:From 50% to 1%
Tier:Tier 1 to 15

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This business model has several ways to earn commissions, including a matching bonus on sales made by other LiveGood affiliates from your team. Also, the difference between the member price and company sales provides a commission to affiliates.

Additionally, there’s a bonus for reaching specific sales/member numbers. Becoming a LiveGood affiliate is an excellent way to earn commissions and take advantage of a variety of products.

Join Livegood and Start Talking With People

You can join Livegood from anywhere and start building a sustainable online business with low capital but huge rewards. Being a marketer in the MLM industry, you need to remember the power of one. You can get a free tour here.

Yes, the power of one person that will join your team and will add more people to your team downline members. But to find that person, you must keep promoting the program to others. 

How Does the LiveGood Affiliate Program Works?

The affiliate program is simple if you understand a few basic things. As a marketer, you will have a ranking position, and the commissions will be more significant depending on your position. 

The LiveGood Ranking is the Following:

Bronze – must have two personally enrolled active members.

SILVER—You must have ten personally enrolled active members plus 20 active members on your team or three separate enroller tree legs, each with a Bronze-ranked Affiliate plus 20 active members in your group.

GOLD– Must have 30 personally enrolled active members plus 100 active members in your team, or three separate enroller tree legs with a Silver ranked Affiliate plus 100 active members in your group.

PLATINUM– Must have 100 personally enrolled active members plus a total of 500 active members in your team, or three separate enroller tree legs with a Gold ranked Affiliate plus a total of 500 active members in your group.

DIAMOND– You must have three separate enroller tree legs with a Platinum ranked Affiliate, plus a total of 2,500 active members in your team.

As An Affiliate Marketer On The LiveGood Program, You Can Get Paid In 7 Ways.

Directly Commission


You can earn commissions directly from your LiveGood member/team. If the person who upgrades under you stays active, they get monthly commissions.

The best-paying Tiers are Tier 1 and Tier 2 for a fast earn. But if you go for a long run, you will be happy to find out that the Tiers go till Tier 10, where you get 1%.  

Matrix Commissions


The Matrix commissions are simple and clean. The commissions are based on the affiliate fee of $9.95. To guide you, you need to see what rank you are positioned in and how many people you have in your power line.

This Matrix is new, and plenty of people are registering every day. You can earn from 15 positions under you, and if you have on top of you a powerful marketer that is recruiting like crazy… Guess what? You will get a cut. 

Matching Bonuses


So on matching bonuses, you can get from 50% to 3% and up to 5 generations of chains (team legs) of your affiliates and members.

Retail Commissions

As Livegood has health products, you can earn commissions from selling products your team will buy or anyone buying from your links. You will earn 50% of the difference between the member and retail prices. 

Influencer Bonuses

If you make sales on products over $2500, you will start from 60% upwards to 100% from the difference between member and retail price.

Diamond Bonus Pool

This pool is for anyone that gets the diamond ranking. LivingGood share 2% of all the company wholesale with all the Diamond users on the respective month. (there are only a few Diamond users, and now is the time to take action)

How to Make Commissions On the LiveGood Affiliate Program

As a partner, there are 2 ways to make commissions: fast and slow.

The fast track of making a commission is, for example, You will get 50% of the membership fees of any member that joins your team. This means you get $25 per team member. If you get 10 people, you will receive $250. If you build your team with more than 2 people, you will receive 10% off their sales.

The second way is to wait for the matrix commission to kick in. After the second month, you will earn $0.25 X the number of your matrix team that paid the $9.95 membership fee. The more people in your matrix, the more passive income comes to you at the beginning of the month.

Note: You can’t choose the team position in the matrix. On your downline, the first 2 are very important and are vital to sign up a friend or family ( as per company policy, you can have 2 different accounts per household).

How Do You Get Paid As An Affiliate In LivingGood Program?

Livingood commissions are paid through a few channels, and they are:

Global Wallet – Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Prepaid Card, Paper Checks, ePayments, Qiwi, Bitcoin, and Virtual Gift Card.

Cryptocurrency – BitPay With BitPay, you have the option of being paid in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Doge

How to promote Live Good?

The company has a few rules, and a few accounts have already been shut down because they have been running solo ads and bad traffic. Like most of us marketers, we test the traffic, and we keep building our list. 

Note: Don’t send traffic to your main (affiliate link) page; select first and send only people who want to take action.

If you are coming on our team, we have a few bridge pages that you can use to take out (buffer) people and bots that don’t want to take action. This bridge page has a button to press (take action) before going to the main page.

If you become part of my team, I will send you the access link to our Facebook Group, access to our bridge pages, and the chat group; all this for free, and you don’t need to pay anything extra. 

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LiveGood Review – My Honest Opinion

As a marketer, I try to do business in the long run. I already have registered for dozen affiliate marketing systems where I pay $20 or more monthly for a one-time sale per customer. You see… here is the difference with LiveGood. They have very cheap products because, like other MLM companies, they don’t profit from products to pay for the affiliate program. The affiliate program is paying itself the monthly fee of $9.95. 

I recommend joining our affiliate team because LiveGood is new, and now is the opportunity to build your online business. Keep in touch, and you can send me any questions you may have. 

Are you struggling to make money in MLM?

You’re not alone. Many people find it challenging to turn a profit in this industry. Here are the top three reasons why people don’t make a lot of money in MLM:

  1. Lack of Consistency – One of the biggest reasons why people fail in MLM is because they lack consistency. Most people give up after 2 / 3 months, and they give up just before getting traction and success.
  2. Ineffective Marketing Strategies – Another reason why people struggle in MLM is that they’re using ineffective marketing strategies. They might be using outdated methods or not leveraging the power of social media. It’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and find strategies that work for you.
  3. Poor Time Management – Lastly, poor time management can also major in MLM success. Many people don’t prioritize their time effectively and waste valuable hours on unproductive tasks. Creating and sticking to a schedule is essential, as well as focusing on the tasks that will help you reach your goals.

All the best, and I hope to see you inside…

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LiveGood Resources for New and Existing Members from My Team

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I can share the 7-day training on LiveGood with you. (members only)

So, to be clear, you can share the same training with your team, and your team can do the same. There are some clicks to do and some links to change with your LiveGood affiliate link. You can finish the 7 days of training in about 3 hours, and you will have in place a system composed from a sign-up page, funnel pages, email series written for you, an autoresponder, and much more.

Day 1

On day one, you set up the capture page where people will insert their email to access the training.

LIVEGOOD 7 days training

Then, they are redirected to a “thank you page” where they can access the training, get a free account to the system where you will host the training, share codes for all the pages, and more.

LIVEGOOD 7 days training

The new members will start from day one till day 7. You will need to register for a free account on LeadsLeap to be able to migrate the system and change your affiliate links.

LIVEGOOD 7 days training

PS: To get access, send me a message (you find the email on the LiveGood account)

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to Use
  • Affiliate Partner
  • Member Bonuses

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