Why You Should Take Care of Your Website

Make Sure People find your Website

In an online business, if you don’t have a website, you are nothing. Whether you have one or don’t, you must understand the value of having one. If you have a website, you can present your products and services at any time of day, on any platform, without relying on outside sources for marketing. 

Why You Should Take Care of Your Website

This will allow you to develop better relationships with customers and drive them back for more business.

Without a website, you cannot be responsible for driving traffic to your site. This means you won’t attract new clients to your site, and if you don’t drive new business, you can’t develop deeper relationships with your customers.

No Website, No Clients, No Commissions

A website is a virtual storefront that you can open at any time of the day, and on any platform, any place, without any business’s outside help. It is essential because, without business help, you won’t develop deeper relationships with your customers.

It is no longer enough to have a business and have your site up and available for business, but now you need to drive traffic to your site. Without a website, you can’t become and be responsible for developing deeper relationships with your customers.

When you lack a site, you can’t develop deeper relationships with your customers because you can’t move on without traffic and a site.

Websites are essential to your business, so you must take care of your site. This means that you shouldn’t leave it to outside agencies. Instead, you should have it developed by professionals who know the importance of having a website for your business or just manage yourself using WordPress.

There is no point in having a site that an outside agency has developed if you don’t get the support you need.

How To Make Your Website Look Professional

Some people just want a way to present their products without outside marketing interference. The beauty of an affiliate program is that you are no longer beholden to the outside source. There is no more worrying about how you will make your Website visible or if your logo will look good in a particular banner design. You have total control over your Website.

How To Make Your Website Look Professional

When designing your Website, you need to keep one thing in mind: your visitor’s computer’s speed. If you have a slow internet connection, your Website will appear blurred, and people will not tell what it is about your site that they want. Make sure that the design of your Website loads at a fast speed.

Optimized Themes

In your template, you want to make sure you are using the correct fonts for your background and text. The text should be easy to read. You don’t want to use any font that is hard to read or have any images on your page that are too large. 

If your visitors have to strain to read your page, they will move on to another site. The font you use for your background should be bigger than your text. This will make it easier for your visitors to read your text and background. 

Why You Should Take Care of Your Website

Also, make sure that you use a reliable web design company or template that has been in business for a while and have experience in building websites. People will be able to see that you have been through a web designer and that they know what they are doing.

When you get your Website built, it is vital to connect to other websites to get more information, like search engines, articles, and tutorials. 

Once you have gotten enough information on your site, make sure you link to this resource page. Make sure that you use quality articles that have not been through a lot of editing. Also, make sure that you put a video on your site to show your visitors more information.

Website Speed Tips

According to some reports, the average internet user is using over 16MB of space, with an average connection speed of 13MB. 

When building a website, a good practice is to use the least amount of space possible. This can be done by keeping content small, preferably around 1500-2000 words, while still presenting it to your visitor in a way that makes sense.

Many people find Google’s 20MB threshold challenging to understand, but it is. Many websites only have 500/1000 words.

You can do this by using headings, lists, or tables that can be reduced in size, leading into the text—small and compressed image files, allowing for faster loading of your Website. 


Get a hosting that you count on with speed and customer support, apply to be an affiliate, and start earning at the same time when you build your website.

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Website Speed Tips-WordPress Website

Users Have Slow Internet

This is important because many internet users have a slow internet connection that can take 15-30 seconds to load. If your image file is enormous, it can take up to 15 seconds to open and then be lost forever. Even if you have a 25MB connection, you may still have a 35MB page because of the way your web host is set up.

However, I suggest using tools if you are building a new site because there have functions that can help speed things up. I recommend using at least one and make life easier for you.

If I wanted to build a new website, I would use WordPress or Groove.

Website Speed Tips-Groove hosting and website

For your Website, I suggest Groove or WordPress. I have been using WordPress for the last five years for building sites. First, it is straightforward to use, can be used on both a free and premium domain. 

It has one major disadvantage: it can not be integrated with Groove, but it makes the site even easier to build, and it does not eat up any extra hosting space. 

It has been great for me to have my own domain, as I can go anywhere in the world with my site without paying extra. The other advantage is the WordPress is easy to use, on the other hand, Groove is giving free hosting for your website.

SG Optimizer Plugin

SG Optimizer Plugin

Which means I will be using a Free plugin that allows me to speed up my Website with WordPress. I am using SG Optimizer because my websites are hosted on Siteground. This speed and performance plugin is fantastic, and I’m more than happy with the results.

WP Super Cache Free

WP Super Cache Free

Another plugin is WP Super Cache Free – Is a FREE plugin, which you can download and install on your WordPress site. 

The Premium WP Super Cache Free comes with a free ad-free page for the site for FREE. When you search for a WordPress site builder, do not look for a WordPress site builder that will give you ad-free because they will not. 

Also, I am building my site with WP Super Cache on websites hosted on Bluehost. This plugin will also have many more advantages to me when compared to others plugins.

What is a cache plugin?

It is an extra web page inserted into your main web page by your web hosting company, which stores previously visited pages. When you visit the cache plugin page, you will get a faster result because is located on different servers all over the world.

Is SG Optimizer free?

Yes is Free to use with any hosting plan on Siteground.

Do I need a cache plugin?

It depends on your site. Generally, if your site uses photos, animation, or scripting to create visual impact, then a caching plugin is probably required. If the site doesn’t have any visual impact (i.e., it’s simply a cache), then you don’t need a caching plugin.

Do plugins slow down WordPress?

This is a topic that I’ve seen come up in numerous blogs over the past year. The idea is that using a plugin means you’re slowing the site down and decreasing your page speed, but a caching plugin makes things go faster.

What tools to use to test my Website?

You can use any of the tools below to test your website for free:

  1. GTmetrix.com

2. PageSpeed Insights

3. WebPageTest

4. Pingdom

5. UpTrends

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