Tips On How To Increase and Make Traffic to Your Website and Blog

If you own a website or blog, traffic is an essential thing that needs to happen on your site to succeed in your business.

Tips On How To Increase and Make Traffic to Your Website

This is because websites and blogs have a life span, and you can not expect traffic on one that has been up for less than six months. So, if you do not want to spend any money on driving traffic to your website or blog site, here are some tips on increasing the traffic in the shortest time possible.

Traffic Tip #1

If you want to have as much traffic as possible on your website or blog, you must post good content on there regularly. If you are writing content and articles regularly, you will find that people will want to come to your website or blog more than if you send them for occasional or irregular updates.

Traffic Tip #2

Post good content on the website or blog so that it will have some sort of impact when people use your URL. For example, if you post good articles regularly and use good strategies, you will be able to have more traffic.

Traffic Tip #3

When posting content on the website or blog, you must make sure that you are posting content that can solve a problem and not just say you have a problem and ask the reader to click on it. If you post good content that does not have a solution and say “Click here,” you will not have much traffic.

Content Is The King As Always 

When posting content regularly on there, you will have to be careful with the titles of your posts, as they are essential as well. For example, you will not want to post content with titles that are just questions or “click here” as people will see them, click, and be gone!

How To Get Traffic To Your Site Using Twitter And Facebook

Getting backlinks is a challenging task, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, it is about links you have on your website, and getting a high ranking in search engine results is a must to have backlinks.

Get More Backlinks

I recommend the use of social networking sites like Twitter. Twitter is a social networking site that many internet marketers and bloggers use. It is easy to use, and you can get much-targeted traffic using this traffic tool. This is a free way to get more backlinks because you do not need to spend a penny to get traffic.

Twitter is used by people who do not like to spend time alone and prefer to spend their time with someone they trust, who also knows how to network effectively with people who need what they have. 

You can get many friends and followers through this social networking site. You just need to become famous in this world and get many friends and followers. It is easier to get followers on Twitter than you think.

Just follow someone you like and ask them to follow you back; you can quickly get ten or more followers if you follow the correct people. It is better to follow the wrong people than the right ones, and you get no traffic.

Twitter is a powerful way to get lots of people to visit your site.

The traffic is very quick. I can get at most 100 visits from 100 followers in 24 hr. However, I only get about 20 visits from 50 followers.

With Twitter traffic, you do not need to spend time writing articles, and you save a lot of time that could be used to get more traffic. The traffic is very quick, and you only need to write one article, and it will be published on your blog.

So the traffic is fast because you can get one article published in 24 hrs and get another one right away.

This is also a great way to get more traffic. You would have to start working with Facebook if you have not tried it. You need to have a Facebook account for communication, sharing your posts, and getting more traffic.

So, if you do not want to spend any money on driving traffic to your website or blog, here are some tips on increasing the traffic in the shortest time possible. Click the pin to find out more...


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Get More Traffic Online – Extra Tips

To generate web traffic, you need to promote your company with different methods like article marketing, forum marketing, and social media. But there are also more unique websites that are useful to your website promotion like Squidoo, Hubpages, and Wikihow.


Hubpages are just like Google maps which is a site where you can promote your different websites. It is similar to Google maps as it has a map of your city and shows other places nearby your city.

But unlike Google maps, you can not just promote your main website as it is not updated often. This is where Hubpages comes in. It is easy to update your content as they keep a map of your city. As soon as your content is updated, they will put it up on the map. So now you can go to Hubpages and update your map of your city.


Squidoo is a free website where you can promote all your different websites and blogs like your city. All you need to do is sign up for a free account and then write content about your own website or blog. It is so simple and easy to do and very popular as well as helpful to your blog.

In addition to this, Squidoo is also a helpful website that other bloggers and internet marketers often recommend. It is one of the most valuable websites to find various kinds of topics related to your niche. This way, you can also easily find topics that are related to your website and blog.

Just write on the lens, give your website link and then wait for the traffic to flow to your website. And it is also very easy to set up these websites. You just need to have a computer with internet access and a webpage. Of course, it can also be done by hand, but it is much easier to set it up this way.

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